The project's objective is to integrate energy consumption data of all subsystems (HVAC, Hydro Pump, power transformation substation, Common & External lighting, General Transformer, Water main pumps, Air Handling Unit) trough smart meters with variables (weather, calendar, price hourly on energy stock market, environmental, ...) correlate their trough a math model and to building the new energy profile. (Energy Park, Vimercate)

Demand-Response Gateway is an industrial software solution (M2M Architecture) which allows energy companies to correlate physical parameters of all devices installed into residential, commercial and industry sector, with use of systems (HVAC, CHP, Lighting system, etc.) so allowing the best use energy load profiling.

Demand-Response Gateway enable an hourly computation of collected data.

The Demand-Response software (developed on Linux OS) communicates with Demand Side Management (DSM) with different Building Automation Systems (BAS):

  • Siemens
  • Rockwell
  • Sauter
  • Fujitsu

and with different industrial protocols:

  • MODbus (serial & ethernet)
  • OPC Data Acces 2.0
  • Allen-Bradley
  • BACnet

Demand-Response Gateway communicates with smart meters and different environmental sensors.

The Demand Side Management is directly linked with Energy Control Center and with Response Side Management (Energy Market) via cloud-mode.

Demand Response module: provides consumption monitoring, scheduling events, electricity agreement details and demand adjustment services focused on peak clipping and valley filling actions. (Instituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano)

WineWise is a System for the Traceability of the Wine Industry. It works spreaded along its entire chain: from the wineyard to the production site and the distribution site.

The feasability study "WineWise: Next Generation Architecture for Smart Wine Production” won the Special Recognition Award at the event Cisco LIVE 2012 in London.

The Proof-of-Concept (based on Cloud architecture) at italian winery company. (Azienda Vitivinicola Biologica Castel di Stefanago, Borgo Priolo)

The energy monitoring system consists of a series of smart meters (UTF, fiscal class) able to perform readings of power consumed (active and reactive) of the four industrial machines.

The meters are managed by a gateway (the data have direction from powerline to ethernet), which will monitor the network and to propagate the measurements to a remote monitoring that displays data of power consumption and generates reports. The dashboard supervisor is installed on a personal computer.

The smart meters and the gateway, talk to each other using the power supply (Power Line Communication), that allowing the installation at any point that is reached from the classic single-phase or three-phase lines, eliminating wiring costs.